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Title IX 40 for 40: Chelsey Dunham

Title IX 40 for 40: Chelsey Dunham

After earning second-team All-Ivy honors as a freshman for Yale’s softball team in 2011, rising junior Chelsey Dunham again proved to be the Bulldogs’ best pitcher in 2012, leading the team in wins (8), complete games (19), innings pitched (144.2) and strikeouts (75).
What more can be done to improve women’s athletics?
Dunham: To further advance the Title IX legislation, it would be great for schools to open more recruiting positions on women’s teams. The ratio of women to men on similar sports teams is still too great of a difference. One way to accomplish this goal would be to provide more funding for the recruitment of women athletes.

What has Title IX done for women outside of the sports realm?
Dunham: Outside of athletics Title IX has made great improvements for women in science and math. I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Title IX has provided me with more opportunities to excel in my major.

What effects will Title IX have for the younger generation?
Dunham: I believe that Title IX will help increase the confidence of women in younger generations to reach for their goals and make their dreams come true, whether it be in academics or in athletics. In the future, Title IX will provide even more opportunities to help women excel.

What is the biggest challenge to women in sports?
Dunham: There are two main challenges for women’s athletics. One challenge is having the same fan and school based support as men’s athletics. Another challenge for women’s athletic programs is the continual pressure to not only prove yourself to your team, but also the pressure to have to prove that you are as good as a male athlete to be taken seriously.