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Title IX 40 for 40: Tara Mounsey

Title IX 40 for 40: Tara Mounsey

Tara Mounsey is equally adept with field hockey as she is with ice hockey. While at Brown, Mounsey was named Ivy League Rookie of the Year in both sports in 1997, received first-team All-America and Ivy League Player of the Year honors in field hockey and was a three-time first-team All-ECAC recipient in ice hockey. She was named to the ECAC Hockey All-Decade first team in 2010. Mounsey took her ice hockey skills to Team USA, competing in two Olympics and helping the team win gold in 1998 and silver in 2002. In her two Olympic excursions, Mounsey accumulated two goals and nine assists from her defender position.

What impact has Title IX had on you?
Mounsey: Title IX has had a profound impact on the opportunities I have had as an athlete. I was fortunate to feel as though I had equal opportunity to play sports as my male counterparts. Premium practice times were shared, uniforms/equipment were new, practice took place on campus and the list goes on. The aforementioned luxuries are taken for granted today, but prior to title IX things were a bit different.  

How did Title IX help to change the perception of women in athletics?
Mounsey: I think Title IX caused people to take women's sports more seriously.

What more can be done to improve women’s athletics?
Mounsey: Women's sports can continue to be improved if we focus on developing grassroots programs and exposing young female athletes to sports.

What effects will Title IX have for the younger generation?
Mounsey: Title IX will forever have an impact on women's/girls’ athletics. Young female athletes deserve to play on the same playing field as their male counterparts and Title IX will ensure that happens.

Who was an influential woman in athletics to you and why?
Mounsey: Cammi Granato was an influential female athlete for me. Cammi helped grow the sport of women's hockey and have it selected as an Olympic sport in 1998. Cammi played for many years on all boys' teams as there wasn't a girls’ program.

What opportunities for women did Title IX help create?
Mounsey: I am forever grateful for the female athletes and professionals that have broken down barriers between men and women on the field and in the workplace.